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Artist's Statement

My subjects are landscapes that I have seen either near home or while traveling. A bit of a scene will catch my eye-usually the way the pieces fit together-and I know that's THE PICTURE. I know what I want to remember and share in my work.
While I usually use photographs to remind me of the paintings suggested to me by the scenery, I do not use the photographs in a literal way. I am more interested in the emotional content than on the particular pattern of light and color that fell on film or sensor.
When I start a painting, I look for the combination of materials and colors that will convey the image I have in mind. Most of my work is watercolor, though I also do some acrylics. I love the transparency of the watercolor and feel a similarity between it and the art glass that I enjoy. I have always loved textured papers and find the cold pressed and rough watercolor papers a pleasure. I also work on Yupo or on Fredrix Watercolor Canvas. I choose whichever support will be most compatible with the techniques I want to use.
While value contrast is basic to a satisfying painting, color is what drives my process. I choose 3-6 colors of paint that best express the mood and character of the subject. Working with this limited palette unifies the painting and keeps the colors harmonious. Once I have chosen the colors and paper or canvas, I sketch the scene and let the paint flow.

For more about me and how I came to be a painter, read an interview in the August 5 issue of The Successful Dilettante. The ezine is written by Susan Henderson, a creativity coach who provided a wonderful sounding board for me when I was deciding whether painting was a hobby or a career.